The Movie

Winner of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum's 'The Wrangler' Award

BEHIND THE GATE   t  h  e    m  o  v  i  e


     Mark Giardino and Daryle Ann Lindley Giardino take you on a tour of the Sport of Kings in a way no other film ever has.  Starring Joe Pesci, Oscar De La Hoya, Bob Baffert, Ron McAnally, Doug O'Neill and many other stars of racing.

Genre:  Documentary         Running Time:  85 mins             Format:  HD

Directors:  Mark Giardino  Jack Lucarelle

Written By:     Daryle Ann Lindley Giardino   Jack Lucarello Mark Giardino

and Del Weston

Produced By: Mark Giardino - Daryle Ann Lindley Giardino


Edited by Karen Bullis  Amy Myers  / Zack Baskerville / Del Weston


Joe Pesci - Oscar De La Hoya - Dwight Hicks -Bob Baffert - Ron McAnally

Music By: Mike Post and Brandon McCormick

Story by: Daryle Ann Lindley-Giardino



Why I Made This Movie... Mark Giardino


     The Horse Racing Industry is going through incredible changes and   most of them not for the best.   Because  I am a fan of the sport, because I love horses, my Co-Executive Producer and wife, Daryle Ann Lindley Giardino and I decided to do a film about the industry, the sport, the athletes and the future of Horse Racing.

      It is our hope that with the help of the track owners, television groups like HRTV and TVG (which we both thank for helping make this film possible) that we can bring the story of America's longest running sport and what I believe to be our greatest sport back to the forefront.


     As we move forward with the process of showcasing this film to the world: I think it important to let people know why we made the film.  We love horses....